Our offer

The ways to success

With us you are exactly right. From your personal FREE INTRO to your sense of achievement when you have reached your goal!

Personal Training

Our 1 to 1 training is tailored to your individual goals and needs. The most effective and fastest way to success.

Group Coaching

Die Gruppe pusht dich im Workout und motiviert Dich langfristig dabei zu bleiben: Du lernst immer etwas Neues durch abwechslungsreiches Training.

Personalized nutrition coaching

The way to a better body starts in the kitchen. Health, well-being and performance boost through healthy cooking and improved eating habits.

Online Coaching

Your individual workout comes to you. No matter where and with what goal you train; You don't have to do without professional coaching.

That's it

We are everything you've always been looking for. A unique second family that supports each other in their goals and desired success!

Small Groups

Everyone knows everyone through training in small groups. You will be looked after individually by a trainer who pays attention to correct and safe training - with us there is no mass processing!


The daily workout is specified according to a certified programming. The community exchanges ideas over the Internet, comparing their results and successes and thus creating a vital and inspiring world of CrossFit followers.

Save time

The different classes last no longer than 60 minutes because it is one of the most effective sports in the world. Reach your goals without wasting time!


CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness training that delivers spectacular results. Regardless of whether you are a competitive or amateur athlete, young or old, fit or overweight - with us you will achieve your goals!


Interval training in small groups of up to ten people, guided by a trainer. Mutual support, common struggle against the inner bastard, nobody is left alone. Discover what's really in you!


Join the pack! Cohesion is very important to us. CrossFit is like a second family, everyone is there for you and the community is unique. Convince yourself of our great community!