Most successful training method
of the decade

CrossFit is suitable for everyone. Regardless of your skills, goals or your sporting background - you too can benefit from the effectiveness of CrossFit training. CrossFit combines the best of weight training, body weight exercises and athletics. The goal of CrossFit is to develop a broad and general fitness for you. The CrossFit program is designed to be adapted to everyone with their individual requirements. It is independent of your experience and therefore the perfect training for everyone who wants to work honestly on their goals.

Cardiovascular training








Fitness for everyday life

In winter to the climbing hall in Dortmund, or for skiing to Bottrop and in summer for mountain biking in the Bergisches Land - no matter what you plan to do, we will make you fit for it. CrossFit is the perfect strength and conditioning program with which you are fit, healthy and ready for everything that the metropolis and nature have to offer. Even if you are chained to a desk every day, regular CrossFit training is proven to help you achieve exceptional fitness. This enables you to live confidently and intensively. The training in the group is characterized by community and motivation, which encourage you to push yourself to the limits again and again.

Most effective training ever

CrossFit has been tested by the World of Wonder Team and found to be very effective!